Saturday, July 11, 2015

All Is Well With Me

I am ... Fullness
Yet I look for Fullness
Thru Someone or Something!
That very looking denies me
The fullness I am
Because my attention is on that someone-something
Not in the Fullness I am.

The Fullness is Me
I can't even say 'with me'
The Fullness is Me
Caressing the hurt, the anger, the confusion

The love, the compassion, the care
Holding 'me' as none else can.

O attention ...
Let go this mechanical thinking
Just turn inward, and
In a thrice
You see the Fullness
That cannot be seen
Unseen, caressing every thought
Unseen, caressing every feeling.

O look to Me
And you will find
All is well with me

Now, now, now
All is well with Me.