Monday, February 8, 2010

Prapancham Engum – Song by Mata Amritanandamayi

O Maya filling the entire Universe, O Radiance, won't Thou dawn in my mind and stay there shedding Thy Light forever?

I will surfeit myself drinking Thy love and motherly affection. Coming near Thee and sinking in Thy Divine Effulgence, all my mental distress will flee.

Since how many days I am wandering in search of Thee who art the underlying Core of everything.

O my Mother, won't Thou come before me and grant me the ananda of the Self, O won't Thou come?

Paurnami Raavil – Song by Mata Amritanandamayi

Aren't Thou the splendor of the moonlight that shines forth in the sky on a full moon night?

Aren't Thou the spring night that arrives in a lovely, fragrant, flowery palanquin?

O Mother, aren't Thou the beautiful sound that awakens in the gentle strings of the tambura?

Aren't Thou the lyrical poems in which the imagination of the poet is sporting (swinging)?

Aren't Thou that One in which the seven colours and the seven notes have merged? Aren't Thou the fragrance of the flower, the beuty of the rainbow and the colours of the breeze?

Parinaamam Iyalaata – Song by Mata Amritanandamayi

O unchanging Supreme Goddess, bless me, ridding me of misery.

Is not Shiva, who burned down the three cities (Tripura) Thy Husband? Deign to remove the darkness.

Won't the night be visited by the full moon?

Know Thou not about the darkness of my heart?

The days are going by like the dropping of the petals of a flower, yet Thou come not.

O Mother, is not a huge tree the support of small creeper?

Aren't Thou what a small child really longs for?

O Mother, this one knows not what is to be done, so help this forlorn one to merge in Thee.

O Mother, I am pulling on exhausted in this desert unable even to crawl to Thee. O Goddess of All, see my fate and turning towards me, grant me refuge at Thy Feet.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

INI ORU JANMAM – Song by Mata Amrtanandamayi

O Krishna, give me not another birth lest I fall into the deep quagmire of delusion.

If Thou givest, then bestow the boon of taking birth as the servant of Thy servants forever.


O Krishna, Thou should fill my mind with Thy Holy Name and reveal Thy Lotus feet bright and clear therein. Keeping my mind ever equiposed, all should be felt to be Thy Manifestation.


O Krishna ….. Treasure of Compassion…. I salute Thee with joined palms…. I humbly salute Thee…


If I should get another birth, let it be beneficial to the world by giving Imperishable Joy to others as well. If Thou allowest me that, then please give me any number of births as a human being. O Krishna…. Treasure of Compassion ….. I salute Thee with joined palms…. I humbly salute Thee.

Aajivanaantam – Song by Mata Amritanandamayi

I will worship till the end of my life but rid me of my sorrow today.

O Goddess, Primal Supreme Power, bless me, remove my grief.


O Mother, who grants all desires,

O universal Maya who fulfills all desires,

thy form is Energy, the Support of all,

Parvathi, the eternal embodiment of Truth.


How many sufferings I am bearing.

Why art Thou delaying to cast Thy gracious glance?

O Mother, drown me not in Thy Maya.

I bow to Thy Feet always.

I Meditate in Valli Kava

Om Sarvadevatabhyo namah

Om Sarvasadgurubhyo namah

Om Parabrahmane namah


I meditate on the Lord, who is Shiva, ever-auspicious, ever-present, the Light of Consciousness, immediate, direct, who is my very truth, my very Self, in whose presence all this is illumined, who is indestructible and changless, ever unaffected – even as the Sun is ever unaffceted by all that is illumined in its presence.

I meditate on the Lord, the Light of Consciousness, who is changeless, who is my very self, sat-cit-ananda, formless, limitless and all-pervading, in whom this whole Universe comes into being, is sustained and goes back – even as wave arises in water, is sustained by water and goes back to water – in truth the wave has no independent existence – it is water.

I meditate on the Lord, the Light of Consciousness, who is my changless Self, ever endowed as though with indescribable Power- boundless, all- knowledge, infinite all-intelligent energy that manifests as the oceans, the all-pervading space, the blue blue sky, the birds, the tress, the grass, the ants, the fishing nets, the fish, the fishing boats, the men in the fishing boats, the gorgeous black sands, the glorious colours of the rising and setting sun, the ocean waves smashing against rocks, the tender coconuts in the coconut trees.

I meditate on that changless truth of myself, the Light of Consciousness, more brilliant than a thousand suns, whose inscrutable Power is manifest as the extraordinary, wondrous, all-intelligent, all- pervading Order that pervades the subtle and gross worlds.


Unto that formless, ever-Pure, Light of Consciousness, my very self, who manifests as this physical body – my salutations – namah – my surrender.

Unto that formless, ever-Pure, Light of Consciousness, that is my very Self, who is ever changless, direct, immediate, manifest as this mind with its capacities to feel, to doubts, to emote – namah.

Unto that formless, ever-Pure, Light of Consciousness, whose inscrutable Power manifests as all memory – unconscious, sub-conscious, conscious – namah.

Unto that Light of Consciousness, who is ever my Truth, Changless and Pure, direct and immeidate, whose inscrutable all-intelligent Power is manifest as this ahankara and primordial ignorance – namah.

Unto that Light of Consciousness, who is ever my Truth, Changless and Pure, of the very nature of ananda, being awake to whom I resolve in fulfilment – namah.

Unto that Light of Consciousness, who is the changless Truth of myself, in whose presence all changes in this body, mind as well as the world is illumined – namah.

Unto that Light of Consciousness, who is Tattva – changless, pure and ever auspicious, whole and complete, who by His Own Inscrutable Power is manifest as the very intelligent Power that pervades this body and jagat, gross and subtle – namah.

Unto that Light of Consciousness who is the very Self, changless, Pure, ever Auspicious, whole, complete – manifest as the all love of Amma – namah – my surrender.

Om Tat Sat