Monday, May 3, 2010

A Morning Nidhidhyasana

Dedicated To My Gurus – Pujya Swami Dayananda, Pujya Swami Viditatmananda, Pujya Swami Avdheshananda

Nirvishesham -  simple changless consciousness that is ever-present and infinite – boundaryless – free of all visheshas – all roles – which are illumined in whose ever-presence eating, drinking, sleeping, any action, any thought, any feeling, any function takes place (as though)  by sva-shakti alone – that is the divinity – infinite knowledge, infinite power, all pervading and free – totally free. … free of punya – free of paapa.

What shines as "I" is ever-present, self-existent, self-revealing, changeless consciousness, in whose ever-presence roles of disciple, teacher, daughter, mother, friend, sadhaka, sanyasi, citizen are illumined …. in whose presence the thoughts, feelings, actions pertaining to these roles takes place effortlessly by the Divine Grace, from whom the roles and their counter-parts and indeed the rest of the universe has no independent existence whatsoever. Om Harih Om Tat Sat

 All roles are visheshas – they pertain to the identification with the body. One is disciple in relationship to the body. One is teacher in relationship to the body. One is daughter in relationship to the body. One is whatever one projects in relatinship to the body.

These roles have their being and shine only in the presence of the ever-present, self-revealing, infinite, changless  all knowing, all powerful, all-pervading consciousness that is the only changless truth of myself. The counterpart of these roles like Guru, mother, child etc have their being and shine in the ever=presence of the changless, all-knowing, all-powerful, all pervading infinite consciousness that is the very truth of myself – that alone shines as 'I', that alone shines are the changless truth of the counterpart. Om Harih Om Tat Sat

The ever-present infinite all-knowing, all-powerful, all-pervading consciousness that alone shines as the changeless "I", certainly has the saamarthya to reduce to ashes the kashaya of old notions and samskaras. Om Harih Om Tat Sat

 Simply be … in simply 'being' without identification with any upadhi being taken to be real,  one is ever-present, self-revealing, self-existing infinite changless, all-illuminating consciousness … effortlessly all-knowing, all-powerful and all-peravading . Om Harih Om Tat Sat. All that is illumined has no separate being, no independent existence. Om Harih Om Tat Sat



Biggest Sadhana

Now that we know that the nature of truth of ourselves is Brahman in reality, or Bhagavan is the truth about ourself and of others what can be our biggest sadhana?

Namaskara…the attitude of samatva buddhi – the graceful acceptance of all that we face, pleasant and unpleasant knowing that:-

  • Over-reaction is a waste of our time and energy – because the verily the truth of ourself is Bhagavan's svarupa - uneffected caitanyam
  • There is DIVINE JUSTICE because Bhagavan is the IMPARTIAL karma-phala-daata… so everything is as it should be. I simply accept the situation as it is knowing that Bhagavan is behind it. Even when I have been a victim in severe cases of abuse of free will … the truth is the other will have to pay … DIVINE JUSTICE is very much there. So let me leave that to Bhagavan and let me take Lord's name at all times.


Mahatmas will always say "See the God in each person. You must accept everyone and see in them the Lord"

"The best form is to worship God in every form"


"All is God's Will, but Maya prevents you from knowing it's all God's Will. "



Maya’s shakti

Self-evident, self-revealing consciousness simply IS … I AM …and everything else is dependent on this I…. to exist and reveal itself…. ATMA SATYAM – ANYAT SARVAM MITHYA …. like water is satyam and all the waves are mithya … so too the DRG is satyam …. changless and limitless …. and everything else is mithya …. having no existence apart from the DRG.

There is a whole theraphy of non-resistance which can be based on this understanding….. even when there is sadness, don't resist the sadness … you will feel it somewhere in your body … it is simply energy … allow yourself to feel it, don't resist it or try to get away from it knowing that it is revealed in the presence of I, who is ever-shanta, unchanged and unaffected by it …. even as the sun is unaffected by what is revealed in its presence.

Simply namah to pain, namah to discomfort which one cannot do anything about. In that vast, stillness, and peace of the self … it arises and subsides in that silence, in that stillness. Where the pain is, there is Ishvara's niyati and there the stillness and silence of atma is … changeless, self-revealing atma is satyam and the pain is mithya. Where the love is, there the stillness and silence that is atma IS …. where the happiness is, there the stillness and silence that is atma IS. Where any vritti is … there the peace, stillness and silence that is atma IS. Simply don't resist … and let your attention go to atma in whose presence the mind's modifications, the body's modifications, the world's modifications are revealed….. as ever non-separate being ISNESS and BEING all the way.

This is the vision of the Shastra …. and it is the truth. To make us understand this changless truth … Shastra goes through great lengths to make us understand. Without undergoing any change, consciousness appears as all the changes. How? Because of the inexplicable Maya Shakti ….. Om Aim Hrim Klim Chaamundayai Vicche …. so we pray to all-powerful Devi … who is Saraswati … all-knowledge, who is Mahalakshmi, all-wealth, who is Mahakaali, the slayer of anger and passion and the giver of happiness… May You, Great Goddess cut away the knots of ignorance … and reveal my true nature of sat-cit-ananda

Maya shakti…. Maha Maya … She is eternally united with her Lord …. and without Her, He simply is ISNESS, BEING, LIMITLESS, CHANGELESS AWARENESS …. PURNA and SHANTA … and She being united with HIM always – KRISHNA and RADHA are one alone – SHIVA_SHAKTYAIKA NAMAH, …. Being eternally united with HIM, is endowed with two formidable shaktis – vikshepa shakti and aavarna shakti. Her Vikshepa shakti is endless exquisite creativity …. making HIM ALONE apppear as the whole universe, the whole BRAHMANDA of change …. all that is drshya, is changing all the time, is anitya … is HIM ALONE …. and yet she fools each being with her AVARNA SHAKTI …. ….. making each one imagine that he or she is different from the other, separate from HIM.

Maha Maya … she is responsible for creating the distinction of drg and drshya … as well as for veiling it. And at the level of the cosmos, she is responsible for creating the distinction between Brahman and the Jagat … as well as for hiding the distinction. Brahman, the all-pervasive, pure consciousness principle is SELF-EXISTENT … totally independent of the creation of endless names and forms. Brahman is changless …. and the creation is changing and totally dependent on Brahman being ISNESS alone.

Yet that truth is covered as it were because of the AVARNA shakti … because of the AVARNA, the basis, the adhistana is not recognized.

Not knowing a rope as a rope in dim light ….. it is mistaken for a snake. A crystal is colourless. When placed near a blue cloth it appears blue … the problem will go only when the true nature of the basis or the adhistana takes place.

Brahman is changless and totally free of the names and forms, even as water is totally free of the wave … there being nothing else other than water. Yet the names and forms are taken as satyam … when in reality they are mithya. Brahman is permanent … the jagat is not …. and yet the permanence of Brahman is given (in ignorance) to the jagat and one sees the creation as permanent when it is not.

This is how Maya Maya becomes the cause of samsara …. through her avarna shakti.