Monday, May 3, 2010

A Morning Nidhidhyasana

Dedicated To My Gurus – Pujya Swami Dayananda, Pujya Swami Viditatmananda, Pujya Swami Avdheshananda

Nirvishesham -  simple changless consciousness that is ever-present and infinite – boundaryless – free of all visheshas – all roles – which are illumined in whose ever-presence eating, drinking, sleeping, any action, any thought, any feeling, any function takes place (as though)  by sva-shakti alone – that is the divinity – infinite knowledge, infinite power, all pervading and free – totally free. … free of punya – free of paapa.

What shines as "I" is ever-present, self-existent, self-revealing, changeless consciousness, in whose ever-presence roles of disciple, teacher, daughter, mother, friend, sadhaka, sanyasi, citizen are illumined …. in whose presence the thoughts, feelings, actions pertaining to these roles takes place effortlessly by the Divine Grace, from whom the roles and their counter-parts and indeed the rest of the universe has no independent existence whatsoever. Om Harih Om Tat Sat

 All roles are visheshas – they pertain to the identification with the body. One is disciple in relationship to the body. One is teacher in relationship to the body. One is daughter in relationship to the body. One is whatever one projects in relatinship to the body.

These roles have their being and shine only in the presence of the ever-present, self-revealing, infinite, changless  all knowing, all powerful, all-pervading consciousness that is the only changless truth of myself. The counterpart of these roles like Guru, mother, child etc have their being and shine in the ever=presence of the changless, all-knowing, all-powerful, all pervading infinite consciousness that is the very truth of myself – that alone shines as 'I', that alone shines are the changless truth of the counterpart. Om Harih Om Tat Sat

The ever-present infinite all-knowing, all-powerful, all-pervading consciousness that alone shines as the changeless "I", certainly has the saamarthya to reduce to ashes the kashaya of old notions and samskaras. Om Harih Om Tat Sat

 Simply be … in simply 'being' without identification with any upadhi being taken to be real,  one is ever-present, self-revealing, self-existing infinite changless, all-illuminating consciousness … effortlessly all-knowing, all-powerful and all-peravading . Om Harih Om Tat Sat. All that is illumined has no separate being, no independent existence. Om Harih Om Tat Sat