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Moksha by Thought-Free Mind Confusion - Swami Dayananda

Pujya Shri Swami Dayananda Saraswati says that "The failure to understand the subject matter of Vedanta and the nature of the prakriyas adopted by Shastra have given rise to a number of confusions in the minds of boyh seekers and masters."

Moksha by thought-free mind confusion.

Confusion exsists in the thinking that self-realization is the elimination of all thoughts in the mind. The confusion comes from the thought that atma is undivided (nirvikalpa). If absence of thought is self-knowledge, everyone is already enlightened, because who has not slept? Even between two thoughts there is absence of thought. If absence of thought for one split second is not enlightenment, absence of thought for an hour is not going to make one wiser. It is obvious that absence of thought is not enlightenment. If a thinking person does not know, how will a non-thinking person know? If there is enlightenment in the absence of thought, it will be lost no sooner than a thought occurs; therefore an enlightened person should be permanently without thoughts in order to be enlightened. That means there will be no enlightened person at all.
The Shastra presents atma as nirvikalpa. The vision of the Shastra is that while the knower, known and knowledge are not separate from atma, atma is independent of all of them. In the Mandukya upanishad as well as in the karika , the dreamer is cited as proof that there is no real division (vilakpa) such as dreamer, dream and dreamt, even though during the dream the division was taken to be real.
The purpose of the dream example is to make us see that the waker's experience of duality is not any different. while the difference between the waker and the dreamer is accepted in terms of qualities (visheshas), the basic non-difference is shown in detail in the karika. In the Jyotir-Brahmana of the Brhadaranyaka Upanishad, the invariable atma in dream and waking is presented as the light of awareness (jyotis-svarupa). The svarupa of the atma is not the dreamer, dream or dreamt: nor the waker, waking expereince or waker's objects. But the knower, knowne and knowledge vikalpa is also non-separate from the atma and therefore the division is mithya. It isobvious that atma is always nirvikalpa in spite of the apparent division. That is what is said in Kenopanishad, "in every form of knowledge, atma is understood by the discriminative as the invariable." Therefore, the knowledge, that I am thoughtfree (nirvikalpa) is inspite of the experience of vikalpa. This entirely different from a state wherein there is an absence of thoughts.
In, astanga-yoga, the angi, the main thing to be achieved , is nirvikalpa samadhi, a state wherin there is the absence of subject-object relationship. Even though it is a desirable accomplishment, the state itself is jada (inert) inasmuch as there is no thought (vritti) which can destroy ignorance. In samadhi (a mental state of absorption) and also when there are thoughts, what obtains as invariable is the svarupa of atma which is nirvikalpa. Again, the notion that when there is no more thought then there is enlightenment implies a duality such as atma and thought. When thought is, atma is not. When atma is, thought is not. Both become equally real because one exists in the absence of the other. But that is not true. If one exists whether the other exists or not, both the objects enjoy the same order of reality, like the table and the chair. If one exists only in the absence of the oher, they also belong to the same order of reality, like illness and health. Both are equally real. Does thought deny atma? Is there a thinker without atma? is there a thought without atma?
In fact , thought is atma. But atma is not just a thought. Atma is satyam (independent reality), being present in all situations, while situations are mithya (a dependent reality), dependent as they for their exsistence on atma. There is no mithya without adhisthana. The definition of mithya is adhistanam-ananyatvam – that which is non-separate from its cause.
The wave being not independent of water, you don't have to remove the wave in order to see water. So too, if the thinker, the thought and what is thought of are dependent upon the atma, which is satyam, you don't have to remove any of them to recognize the atma. The recognition is that all three are atma while atma is not any of them.
Om Tat Sat


A Human
- Person with a
Body, mind, soul-
Is the most precious
And the finest creation
Of the
 The Being

For it is only as a human being
In a human birth
-And in no other birth-
You can realize
You are
The Being

It is only as a human
As a person
Body- mind- soul
You can realize
You are not a human
You are not a person
You are not
A body mind and soul
You are
The Being.

Human birth is the only solution
To all the pains and problems of life.

You are a human
Only you
Can surely realize your real Self
 The Being

   By realizing the Being
That you always are
Is the only sure means
Of putting a permanent stop to all bondages
That arises
Because of spiritual ignorance
Spiritual Knowledge.

You are the Being
You are
Not a human.
The Being
 Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent.

You are
The Consciousness.
Nothing exists outside
The range of your Consciousness
That you always are.

Your Self is
 The awareness
 That has absolute freedom
 Of all
Knowledge and activity
You are that Self.

Your real nature is of
     The Being
       Ignorance of your real nature
Is the only cause of all bondage and suffering.
It is ignorance of your real nature
That misleads you into knowing yourself
As you are not.
All knowledge other than Self-knowledge
 Is the only cause
 Of bondage and suffering.
Self-knowledge is the direct knowledge
 Of your own nature
As you actually are
Not as you think you are
As others think you are
       You are the Being
 The Self.
Self is the awareness
 That has absolute freedom
 Of all knowledge and activity
You are that Self.

Whenever you know your self
As you are
You will know yourself as
The Deathless Blissful Consciousness Being.

        While one is engaged in one thought,
 And another arises,
Not only
The junction-point between the two thoughts
 Is the revelation
Of the true nature of the Self,
But the two thoughts are also emerging
In your consciousness
 This may be experienced
 By every one for one Self.

                                               The realization of Divine Consciousness
As one’s own Self
 Can occur anytime to anyone
Even to a novice
 And not only
 To advanced aspirants.
 It may start as a sudden flash
 Of being consciousness
And may lead to the final realization
By an orientation of the will
Towards the inner creative consciousness
That is always present within one Self.

  After eighty four lakh janmas,
Innumerable karmas,
You get the human birth,
Body mind, soul,
To achieve the ultimate goal
To realize,
That you are the Being,

Its only when you realize
You get the surprise
That you are the unborn, ajanma,
Unbound, unaffected by any karma

When Consciousness
Of your Self as The Being –
Is completely and permanently
 Recognized and realized,
 All appears and disappears
Your Consciousness
 Even in the usual normal course of life.

   By realization of your union
With the Being
Through intensive and fixed awareness,
There is
The disappearance and the appearance
 Of the universes,
As something separate from consciousness. Nevertheless! In your consciousness.

     The occurrence
What appears as different states of consciousness,
Is nothing else
Except your Consciousness
Appearing as different states of Consciousness.
Like the waters of the lake may appear
As a bubble, ripple or a wave,
But it is nothing else
Except the water of the lake.

                The three different states of consciousness,
 Waking, dreaming and profound sleep,
 Emerge, submerge and merge
In you
The Being,
Like a bubble, ripple and a wave
Emerge, submerge and merge
In the waters of the lake.

Your consciousness always remains
As the background of all
We see or don’t see,
We feel or don’t feel
Think or don’t think,
Do or don’t do,
Experience or don’t experience,
Whether we are aware of it or not.

Lack of awareness
 Is ignorance of the fact
 That you are always aware,
You can never be unaware.

 Whatever may happen,
In the triad of
Waking, dreaming and deep sleep,
The Being
Always blissful
Always unaffected.
                                                    All the preachers and the sages,
All the stations and all the stages,
All the Knowledges and all the experiences,
All the Theories and all the practices,
 Of all the yogas and all the meditations,
All creations and manifestations
Are like personality makeup’s,
-Costumes and cosmetics-
Constituting and sustaining
A fascinating and wondrous
That veils your
Ultimate reality
From your own Self
As The Being-
From being realized
You are the Being,
You are the only power
That abides
 In all,
You remain concealed in your power,
In different names and forms,
While creating and fulfilling
 The desires
 In all people.

You The Being,
Your Highest power
Is only your will power,
That is in you,
As wetness is in water,
As heat is in the fire,
As ignorance is in desire.

When you realize
 Your true Self
The Being
The Manifest and the unmanifest
And even the fullness and the voids
 Appear as forms of your Consciousness.
Although Things appear and disappear,
Yet in reality
 Nothing appears and nothing disappears;
Although things appear to arise and subside
Yet in reality
Nothing arises and nothing subsides,
                                      Although things appear to emerge and submerge
Yet in reality
Nothing emerges and nothing submerges
In reality
Only You The Being
The Consciousness
 Appear in different aspects
As if appearing
As if disappearing
As if arising
As if subsiding.
As if emerging
As if submerging.
As you have
All the characteristics
The Being,
You are not a Human,
A human is a person with a
Body mind and soul
 You are The Being

                                                                Knowledge of Self
As the Being
 Is the gift that
 Disseminates all-round
When you take human birth
And this gift can be claimed
Only by Self knowledge
 Realization of your self as the Being.

The universe is the unfoldment
Of your power
Is always reminding you
That you are the Being.
                                                                          In spite of
 The creation, sustenance and destruction
 Of the worlds,
Occurring one after another,
There cannot be a break
In your awareness
Because you are
The Being,
 The creator, the maintainer and the destroyer.

                                   Only when you realize
Your Self
Not As
 A person
- Human, body, mind, soul-
But as the Being-
Only then
The Limiting knowledge
Of the worlds dissolves
 And the previously
Apprehended reality of
Relationships, Worlds, and its objects
Appear only like a dream.

                          Pleasures born of expectations
From person, place or things
Will definitely
Become the source of pain
Sooner or later.
You are
The Being
 That you always are
The only source
All pleasures.

                                          In the world,
Knowledge is light that reveals all,
 And you are
 The Self luminous light
That reveals all knowledge
-Its presence and absence.

If one realizes
What is free of the three elements
What is eternal, changeless and permanent
 By means of self realization,
 One goes beyond life and death.

Everything is Consciousness.
 Nothing exists
That is not the manifestation
 Of Supreme Consciousness.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Song of Enlightenment – Dr. Ajay Kotwal

I am
The supreme creator

In my own

I am the Revealer,
Only after
Self Realization

I am
The future
In the
From the past

I am
The beginning
In the
The last.

The universes
In my

I am
The Absolute Awareness
Only after

I am
The born,
Dead and Gone
This was my history

I am
The Living
Will always
This is my Mystery

I am
The destiny
I am
The fate,
I never come
But I am never

I am
Even if I
I never

I am not
A form
No name
Never Change,
I am
The same.

I am
A form
Having a name,
Always changing,
Always the same

I am the fullness
In the void

I am
The Eternal Existence
Spaceless and Timeless

In all the spaces
In all the times
I Exist.

At all the times
In all the spaces
I Exist.

I am the Eternal Existence.

I am here
I am there
I am far
I am near
I am nowhere
I am in everything
I am everywhere

I am the ocean
Of consciousness

I am the spring
The fountainhead

I am the wave
I am the ripple

I am the drizzle
And the drop

I am the bubble
And the blob

I am the ocean
Of consciousness

I am the supreme creator
I am the creator
Of all
The creations
Of all
The universes
And of all
The vibrations

I am the Everest of Spirituality

I am the Olympus
I am the Alps

I am the mountain
I am the peak

I am the summit
I am the pinnacle

I am the rock
I am the gravel

I am the stone
I am the pebble

I am
The eternity
In a
Grain of sand

I am the eternal
I never die.
I am the truth,
I never lie

I am the supreme light of consciousness
I am the sun; I am the star;
I am the beamer; I am the beam;
I am the ray; I am the spark;
I am the light that sees and is seen
I am the supreme light of consciousness

 I am the Supreme Being

For I am the same stuff
Universe and galaxies are made of

For I am the same stuff
Suns and moons are made of
For I am the same stuff
Gods and goddesses are made of
For I am the same stuff
Saints and mystics are made of
For I am the same stuff
Animals and birds are made of
For I am the same stuff
Plants and seeds are made of
For I am the same stuff
Insects and worms are made of
I am the Supreme Being

I am not a human
I am
An Immortal Spirit
Cosmic -Consciousness –Bliss.

Birth and death
Appear as two bubbles in me.
Body, mind, soul,
Appear as three bubbles in me.
Desires of life:
Health, wealth, relationships, sex,
Name, fame, power and success
Appear as eight bubbles in me.

Everything and everyone
Appear as
Mere bubbles in
The infinite Ocean of the Being
An Immortal Spirit
Cosmic -Consciousness –Bliss
That I am!

All attainments and achievements
Are inconsequential and petty.
All beliefs, ideas, thoughts,
Appear pompous and absurd.
All fantasies, visualization and imaginations
Appear trivial and futile.

Everything and everyone
Appear as illusions

The Ultimate reality - The Being
An Immortal Spirit
Cosmic -Consciousness –Bliss
That I am!

All planets, stars, galaxies,
Appear as few sparks in me.
All worlds, universes and places
Voids, times and spaces
Appear as some sparks in me.

Everything and everyone
Appears as mere sparks
In the infinite Self-luminous,
Cosmic Flame of The Being
An Immortal Spirit, Self-luminous
Cosmic -Consciousness –Bliss
That I am!
All spiritual practices and experiences,
All meditation and healing systems
Everything and everyone
Appears as in a dream
In the infinite
Non-dual Awakened
Consciousness of the Being
An Immortal Spirit, Self-luminous
Cosmic -Consciousness –Bliss
That I am!

I am not
A human
The Being
-The Immortal Spirit, Self-Luminous,
Cosmic, Consciousness, Bliss-
That I always am!

The Eternal
Absolute Awareness!

The Eternal
Absolute Awareness!

The Eternal
Absolute Awareness!

Always aware!
Always aware!
Always aware!

The Awakened One!

The Awakened One!

The Awakened One!

Always awake!
Always awake!
Always awake!

I am
The Self-Luminous One!

I am
The Self-Luminous One!

I am
The Self-Luminous One!

Always Self-luminous!
Always Self -luminous!
Always Self-luminous!

The Blissful One!

The Blissful One!

The Blissful One!

Always Blisstoxicated!
Always Blisstoxicated!
Always Blisstoxicated!

Always Aware
Always Awake
Always Self-luminous
Always In Bliss
I am nothing else except this!

Om Tat Sat