Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Purpose of Human Life – Dr. Ajay Kotwal

Question. Sir, what is the purpose of human life?

Dr. Ajay Kotwal. The human birth if not translated into spiritual enlightenment, nirvana, moksha, mukti, kaivalyam is a wasted birth. The only purpose of human life is spiritual enlightenment - God realization. And the beginning of God realization is Self-Realization.

In reality your real self is Spirit, Infinite Consciousness, Infinite Bliss that is the very nature of your self. This is your real self. You are not a body, you are not a person, you are not a human. You are in reality, in essence, Spirit, Consciousness, Bliss in which the person, the human, the body and the world appears to disappear. This is the essential you.

The human birth is a very precious wondrous creation of the divine. The human form is a Divine form. And it is possible for every human being in a life-time to attain nirvana, moksha, mukti, spiritual enlightenment..

However most human beings have forgotten this divine purpose of the human life and not knowing this purpose they have been misled into believing that the purpose of human life is to become materially rich, to fulfill worldly desires, to have relationships, to accumulate wealth, to travel to different places. So not knowing the real purpose of human life is the fundamental problem of man-kind and also thinking that the purpose of life is something else adds to this problem.

The purpose of a human-being's life is the realization of the Supreme Spirit within themselves. It is a miraculous body. The human body is a miraculous form because in thisf everything is available. Within this form you can awaken your spiritual form. The human body is the outer covering , which has within itself subtle bodies, subtle worlds, causal bodies. It has in itself the Spirit Divine.

Unfortunately, not knowing this reality about the self, people identify their self with the functional personality and are convinced that they are a person with a name, and a position. They think they are a person with some nationality, some religion, some profession, ec and so some say he is the richest man, some say he is a Hindu, Muslim. Thus people not knowing that in reality they are Spirit, Consciousness, Infinite Bliss (the essential nature of the Self), not knowing this they are wrongly convinced that they are a person with a name, form, and either they are rich, or I am rich or I am poor, I am sick or I am happy. They assume these identities and actually take them to be their self.

The reality of your self and all the creation, essentially, is spirit - infinite, consciousness, bliss that is the essential nature of the Self. All the creation appears, stays and disappears in this. YOU, as the Supreme Spirit Consciousness neither appears nor stays nor disappears. Contemplate on this. This is the purpose of human life, to realize your real self, the essential self in which all the creation is taking place. You are the Spirit, Consciousness, Bliss and only Bliss, only Bliss, only Bliss.

The purpose of human life is not to seek happiness or joy or fulfill the desires in the sensory world. The sensory world is a trap. The real purpose is to recognize the Divinity that permeates and pervades the physical, subtle and causal bodies, as the self. In the process you may discover your subtle bodies, awaken, your spiritual powers, travel the astral worlds. First know the self as the Divine Spirit within and then through that spirit realize the God, Infinite, Consciousness, Spirit That You Are. This is the basic purpose of human life. Nirvana, moksha, mukti, kaivalya, God-realization. This is only purpose of human life and there is no other purpose of human life.

Om Tat Sat OM