Monday, February 20, 2017

You cannot bypass emotional maturity and gain self-knowledge that stays and blesses

One can say my desire to be free is stronger than my attachment to my personal identity, so show me I am free.

Is the desire to be free  enough of a qualification to gain self-knowledge that stays and blesses?

No ... the desire to be free must be there along with a certain degree of emotional maturity. You simply can’t bypass emotional maturity and gain self-knowledge. Without the requisite emotional maturity you may at the most gain insight into the nature of the self, but that insight will not develop into a lasting knowledge that does away with one’s belief in one’s identity as an individual separate from everything – that insight will not stay to bless with freedom.

Emotional maturity has its own timing. It does not come one day too soon!! You can't hurry it. You can't be brutal as a teacher, and try to force a person into seeing their freedom.  Emotional maturity comes with living one’s life with a certain understanding and attitudes born of that vision.

A study of  traditional Vedanta can equip you with that vision. To say that you don’t need to study is not true. Study of traditional Vedanta under a master who has discovered freedom, who is competent and responsible  in teaching can confer on you the freedom you seek – first you gain  the understanding that fructifies into certain attitudes that you begin to live your life with – and that brings in its wake maturity and with maturity you are ready for self discovery – a discovery that will fulfil every aspiration you ever had.

Om Tat Sat