Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Contemplation – Pearl Richards

Beloved Isvara, who is ones Soul, fills one with peace.

Chanting any nama and visualizing any form When dark storms move

across the mind Bhagavan makes them cease.

Only One quietly hears the grateful devotee's prayers.

Isvara is the breeze of the wind and the swaying trees.

Birds' songs are Bhagavan's pleasing bhajans reaching ones ears.

The love in a friend's eyes opens into Isvara's heart Where one has

walked into a door of radiating light.

Sitting alone there is an ever present sweet Presence Inviting

devotees to linger in this solitude.

When returning into activities there is no loss; Each moment is an

offering unto Bhagavan's feet.

The jagat, often tumultuous and sometimes quite still, Is the dancing

feet of Siva in motion and in rest