Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Consciousness – Pearl Richards

Are we conscious of Consciousness or Consciousness conscious ?

' I ' , not seeming to unmask ' I ' but knowing that ' I am ', Sliding

vision to see a nose along with running thoughts, Surmise it the

latter not seeing behind those ramblings.

Ah ! But told I am intelligently put together, Searching through

machinations of accumulated quests, Expecting handshakes with myself

reading books on ' self-help ', Am much surprised and disappointed

turning blank pages.

Looking for Bhagavan to answer questions in my prayers, A Presence

which seems to be strangely familiar to me Permeates the questions,

thoughts, prayers and moments of silence.

My Guru tells me that there is only One Consciousness.

Everything else is apparent to this One Being.

So, in this mind, beloved Isvara is my refuge.