Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Saksi Caitanya – Pearl Richards

Who and what is the Saksi Caitanya here in this mind ?

Is it a stranger passing through without regard to me ?

Peeking around corners of the mind who is seeing who ?

How does one know the svarupa of Saksi Caitanya ?

The tears filling the well of sadness of humanity cannot change this svarupa, an ocean of happiness.

Feeling released tears falling from Saksi Caitanya eyes Isvara manifests as waterfalls of empathy.

Through crying eyes much compassion finds non-resistance, Gentle hands reaching to comfort hearts in the seat of prayer.

When children's laughter is heard through Saksi Caitanya ears It meets the fulness of ones self reflected in shared joy.

My Guru has surprised me with answers unexpected.

This Saksi Caitanya in all beings is the same ' I '.