Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meditation Introduction – Swami Dayananda

Please sit errect. Both the hands joined. The fingers clasping each other. They are on your legs, just relax. Among the asanas, there is one asanam
called - savasanam, in
asana you lie down your back fully stretched and you begin to mentally go over the whole physical body, limb by limb, part by part and feel relaxed.The same principle you can apply here to get relaxation. Eyes closed you visulise part by part as I say and feel relaxed from head to toes. Mentally visualise. Imagine, visualise your own head, head to toe. Forehead, eyebrows, eyelids, nose, visaulise lips, cheeks side - left, right. Hands - left, right - hands upto the fingers, right chest, abdomen, back sides - left, right. Waist - left,leg thigh, left knee, below the knee, calf ankle, foot, toes, so too visualise right thigh, knee,calf ankle, feet and toes.

Now go back left toes, feet, ankle, calf, knee kaya - right - right toes, feet, ankle, above the ankle up to knee, knee above the knee, feel they are ok. If they are not ok., acknowledge any pain anywhere. If there is pain, acknowledge and proceed. Waist, abdomen, chest, left hand up to the shoulder and right hand. Back - go up to shoulders, neck, cheek, lips, nose, forehead, stop. Right cheek, right earlobe, left earlobe. The body is like a breathing statue. From within, look at your body, as you see a statue, a breathing statue.

Just relax mentally. Relaxing mentally is just to let go of your will. Allow the mind to be as it is. Let whatever happen to it. Let go your will so that the mind be as it is. Just be yourself, (will) does not want to change your mind or the external world. Let go of your will for the time being, to be just yourself. Put the same differently, let the will be resolved into yourself. Just let things be as they are, learn to be just yourself. Be yourself, do not imagine any self, eternal self etc. Forget all that. Just be yourself. Whatever you are be yourself.

At this moment, whatever happens in your mind, let it happen. Whatever happens outside, which the mind reports to you, let it be so. As you hear these words, allow them to happen.You hear not because you have mind, the perception of sound takes place. Be yourself. Any pain accept it. Be yourself.

OM ............. OM ........... OM ........... OM ........

Om Santi Santi Santi.