Friday, July 9, 2010

The Story Of Ganga's Journey - Pujya Swami Dayananda

Human destiny is only in knowing the source of one's existence. That alone satisfies a person. What one wants to become is that person in whom there will be no more attempts to 'become'.

Like even a river once it has started its journey, it has to reach the ocean, the source form which it is born originally. It dose not rest content. Take the river Ganges. She is a becoming river. Wanting to reach somewhere she rushes downwards, covering distances, circling mountains, going round boulders and filling up valleys. Her going further does not stop! Where does she want to go? She wants to go to that place where there is no further going. Then she can relax and stop flowing.

Even though you may build dams and stop her flow, she is not going to stop thinking. "Now a dam is built across. What can I do? Now let me sit quiet." No. She goes on banging the walls of the dam because she knows, "It is after all made by a PWD contractor. It will give way sooner or later." So she bangs the walls all the time. She is not going to take it low. She must find her level with the ocean. Once she sights the ocean, it is a sight to see!

When you go to Calcutta, visit Gangasagar. There you do not know whether the Ganges reaches the ocean or the ocean comes and receives the Ganges. Half way the ocean comes. That is why five miles away from the ocean the water of the Ganges is salty. The ocean also seems to be very loving and with open hands embraces and gets into her. It seems the very sight of the ocean is enough for the Ganges or any river to give up all atempts to reach. The job is over now. The river has made it. It rests for ever.

So too the human heart being what it is, it is conscious of itself as a person and in that inner person one sees a lack and want. One cannot accept that limitation. One cannot accept a self- dependence upon anything for one's security, joy and fullness. Necessarily one is going to work for one thing or another all the time till one dies. In harness one dies. Nobody dies saying I have made it. Unless one has made it. That is because the love to be full and free is the beginning of the very journey of all. In fact that was the very cause of the journey. Once one is born, one has this self-dissatisfaction and self non-acceptance. It is due to self ignorance.

So the process of becoming full and complete begins the journey. "I" is a becoming "I". So this becoming "I" becomes one who does not need to become anymore. The becoming 'I' is insecure, wanting. In anyway you look at a person, he is wanting.

He is wanting in terms of time because he is a mortal. The mortal "I" wants to be free from mortality. The ignorant 'I' wants to be knowledgeable. How knowledgeable? Without being ignorant anymore. The unhappy "I" wants to be the happy "I". The incomplete "I" wants to be the whole "I". Like this, there is a struggle going on now to "become", like the Ganges rushing towards its source. The struggle ends when the Ganges discovers its identity with the totality, its source.

Here every one has to discern that by the process of "becoming" I am not going to become that person I want to be. It is by knowing that I am never away from the total and I am identical with the total. In this knowledge the journey of seeking ends.