Thursday, August 11, 2011

Isvara Meditation – An Excerpt from a meditation by Pujya Swami Dayananda

…….My appreciation of Isvara implies my appreciation of a being conscious being with all-knowledge. I don't know what it is - this all-knowingness - this all knowledge, but I know it is knowledge which does not have any ignorance. Sarvasya karta - the creator of everything has the knowledge of everything - everything implies knowledge of oneself, knowledge of everything else - once I appreciate Isvara as all-knowing - who has no ignorance - then to trust the wisdom of all-knowing Isvara is natural.

The all-knowing deserves absolute trust. This trust in the wisdom of Isvara operating in my life in the form of various situations I face through the laws of karma as we understand them cannot make a wrong step and therefore I can say that all that happened in my life, when I was helpless as a child and all that is happening, is happening according to the laws which include my own decisions and their consequences. At this stage I accept the entire past as facts and their meaning is in my appreciating this Isvara as all facts. Unto that Isvara who is all facts - facts that include my follies, my decisions, my own actions, their results - all these facts are but Isvara - unto that Isvara my surrender - my trust in that Isvara is my surrender - Om Ishaya namah …..


Om Tat Sat