Friday, August 12, 2011

On Love – Swami Ramatirtha

The wonder of wonders, I fell in love,

In love with self, forever mine,

Resplendent, glorious, charming love

That knows no equal, rival, kind.

I threw my arms around my love

Lo! All the world in clasp, I find,

I press my darling close and close

To the heart and soul and life and mind.

Oh, what a fire! fire! fire!

Ah, Burn the body and forms that bind.

Oh! What a cooling shower shower shower

Fear swept away by nectar power

Oh! The rocks of the white stone quarry and I are one,

The dump of the marble dust and I are one,

The crystal snows of the Diamond peaks and I are one,

The dimples on the face of the sea and I are one,

The rolling hair of the thundering stream and I are one!

The mincing steps of the mountain breeze and I are one!

The blooing rose of the maiden's cheeks and I are one!

The twinkling eyes of the heavenly orbs and I are one,

Om! Om! Om!

So am I Ram.