Thursday, August 11, 2011

Isvara's Resplendence – By Pearl Richards

Freedom, ones nature, seems shackled by Maya's bright bangles.

Isvara's resplendence alone can bring asangatvam.

Love, ones nature, feels dull, its warmth like cooling hearth embers.

Isvara's resplendence alone can awaken Agni.

One longs to be without nebulous, elusive longing.

Isvara's resplendence alone stills tamboura strains.

Vasanas seem to cause shadows covering Consciousness.

Isvara's resplendence alone reveals these passing clouds.

Looking for Isvara, reflecting on The Guru's words,

An alertness quietly fills the waiting passive mind.

Longing for Isvara, remembering ones Guru's words,

Peacefulness spreads throughout an invisible universe.

Purnatvam need not be released from Maya's golden cage.

It is the freedom of ones self, Isvara's resplendence.

Om Tat Sat