Saturday, January 23, 2016

Analysing A Rose

When you examine any object, you find that it resolves into its constituent parts. For example , take a rose. What is the truth of the rose? Are the petals the rose? No? When you pull apart all the petals, what is left is a center - Is the center part the rose? Is the stalk the rose? No.
Are these individual parts the rose? No.
Examine each individual part – and you find it is made of parts. Then examine each of these individual parts and you find it is made of some more constituents.
Like this on analysis every object is found to be nothing but its constituents parts which are nothing but their constituents parts which again are but their constituent parts ....
And so some philosophies will claim that there is no truth at all in the rose ...  in fact the rose as a rose  is non-existent.
What do we say ... we say the rose and all its  constituent parts proves their existence only because of the presence of a conscious being – the one who is analysing the rose. The rose ‘is’ and every constituent also ‘is’.
This conscious being is the truth of the rose – the conscious being ‘is’ and the rose ‘is’ – the ‘is’ of the conscious being and the ‘is’ of the rose is one and the same. There is no difference between the substance of consciousness being and that of the rose.
There is only one substance here – existence or the ‘isness’ – the ‘is’ called as SAT – this SAT is the satyam – the truth of the rose, this SAT is  the satyam -  the truth of the one who is analysing the rose to find out its truth! The rose is merely a word with a meaning centred on one’s tongue and the substance, the truth is SAT – IS. This SAT is one, non-dual. It is satyam and the rose is mithya a dependent reality.
Om Tat Sat