Monday, January 18, 2016


Om Sad-Guru Shri Dayanandeshwaraya Namah
Purno’ham – what shines as ‘I’ is suddha caitanyam is purna –is whole.
Wholeness is to be understood. Whole – means that which has no holes, which is complete, full – undivided, part-less, whole – ekam advitiyam.
I am – self-evident, self-revealing consciousness that is :-
·         never subject to any division (no time-wise division therefore always present and changeless, indestructible, nor subject to space-wise division therefore all pervading, not limited by the boundary of the body, nor subject to object-wise division therefore in the apparent form of all objects),
·         free of all differences (sajatiya bheda, vijatiya bheda, svagata bheda),  in whose presence all divisions, all differences are perceived, who is in and through all the differences and yet free of all differences,
·         free of subject-object division, and yet who is in and thru the subject-object, pervading the subject, pervading the object and yet free of both subject and object – who is WHOLE – all-inclusive and yet free of all that is included in it!!
Purno’ham. Cinmayoham ....Sat-cit-ananda svarupoham So’ham.
Om Tat Sat